Our sustainable Fries disposable 

A great portion of fries, who doesn’t loves it. The sauce may neatly next to the fries in a designed side box. With the current fries disposables there is still a frustration about the the last fries that are difficult to poke out of the classic cone. With the Fries & Co disposable struggling is history!

Because of the rectangular shape, the ease of consumption is increased and all fries can be easily consumed. In addition, the Fries & Co saves in storage space and transport costs as the Fries & Co is foldable. Due to the unique foldable function and the prevention of glue during the production process, our disposable is also more sustainable.

Our disposables as a marketing tool

With the Fries & Co, not only consumer comforts are delivered. Our disposable can also be used as a marketing tool and tool to increase brand awareness for your business. NIQ Supplies is happy to help you strengthen your brand and implement our products within your organization in a profitable manner. We can achieve these goals as all our products can be personalized with own logos and messages.

The Fries & Co disposable is available in different sizes, suitable for different dishes and purposes.

Is this solution not what you are looking for or do you want a different design? Our creative team is happy to design a custom made and unique disposable fitting your product, business and ideas.

This product is patented according to European patent law.

Curious what we can do for your business tand would you like to receive a free sample? Respond immediately and send us a message because we are happy to help you!