The sustainable “Bitterbakkie” disposable

During a drink with friends or family a few snacks on the table will definitely contribute to a good atmosphere. A lot of restaurants and cafes present their snacks in a porcelain pottery or other washable item.

In the same time restaurant and cafe owners notice all these items need to be washed by machine or hand. Some staff-members need to put the dish in the washing machine, operate the machine and take out the clean items again. An intensive job were a lot of time, water, energie and chemicals are wasted! Lucky some of our food disposable alternatives can improve the common struggles and environmentally polluting options.

Our sustainable “Bitterbakkie”

With our sustainable “Bitterbakkie” disposable we can unburden the rinse kitchen, take care of an sustainable alternative and add marketing value to the products as we can print logo’s on the disposable!

We can do that because our disposables are foldable (that increase production impact, transport impact and storage space). Also we make our disposables out of sustainable paper and are using environmentally friendly raw materials.

Curious how we can help you becoming more sustainable, safe costs and increase your marketing? Or do you want to receive a free “Bitterbakkie” sample for testing? Send us a message, because we are happy to help you!