Grab a Burger

Hamburgers are a frequently chosen dish during events, festivals and also in many restaurants. For example consuming a hamburger while standing during festivals can lead to uncomfortable situations. The Grab a Burger ensures a hamburger doesn’t fall apart during consumption. In addition, our products prevent spilling of sauce and juices during consumption that provides a better burger experience. This product is part of the Grab a Bite disposable line.

Our disposables as a marketingtool

The Grab a Burger is not only a tool to increase the ease of consumption of a hamburger. Our food disposables are used as a marketingtool and a tool to increase brand awareness for the customer’s business. We are happy to help you strengthen your brand and implement the Grab a Burger on a profitable way. We can guarantee more product value as it is possible to personalize our disposables with own logos and messages with a maximum of four colors.

We deliver the Grab a Burger in three varieties, made for different hamburger diameters:




Is this disposable not what you are looking for but do you want something unique and innovative to use in your business? Feel free to contact our creative factory!Our team of young innovators is happy to design your ultimate disposable & provide you the latest innovations in the world of disposables.

This product is patented according to the European Intellectual Property law.

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