The Creative Factory

Do you have a product or new idea that needs the right packaging or disposable? Is it a struggle to find the right disposable solution for your business? With the “Creative Factory” department of NIQ Supplies we design, develop and deliver new and innovative packaging and disposables fitting your business. It is our mission to create the ultimate disposable & marketingtool to give your business and product a boost.

How do we do that?

We are cooperating with professionals that can create the best and most innovative packaging and disposables. Also, we can guarantee the best product quality within Europe as we are working together with some of the best companies. With the desires of our customer as a guideline we: create new visions, present the right presentation tools and design the ultimate packaging or disposable fitting the business case. Need some inspiration? Follow us on Instagram or go to the inspiration section on our website.

We design with the following core values:

Clear language / solution-oriented / without obligations / free inspiration sessions /  free implementation support.

Click here for more information to create a customized packaging or disposable, having a good conversation or a non-committal brainstorm session.