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We are offering unique solutions to present your product, dish or idea in a innovative and profitable manner. Also, our products increase the ease of consumption of e.g. hamburgers, donuts, fries and snacks. Curious how we do that? Read more about our solutions in the product sections below:

About NIQ Supplies

It is our mission to provide our customers with smart, unique & innovative food disposables that can be used as marketing tools. We are helping our customer achieving their goals by cost reduction and sustainability's our products are foldable. We are doing that with the following core values:



We are happy to help you and think together to increase a better food experience. Besides our current food disposables we also have the innovative drive to help our customer developing new disposable solutions fitting the customers desires and business.



We guarentee product quality, simplicity and no nonsense. To guarantee these values we are producing our products within Europe and we are only working with the best quality raw materials.



Our products are more then just a disposable. We are happy to help with the implementation or our products in a profitable manner. Also, we are the strategic partner that contributes to brand awareness, product positioning, brand value and any sustainability policy.

NIQ Supplies – the innovative supplier of disposables

NIQ Supplies designs, develops and delivers innovative food disposables. During a world tip of founder Nick Polder, he came across a lot of unique concepts and innovative companies. Nieuw-Zeeland was the country were the adventure became business. This beautiful country seem to be a hamburger paradise with a lot of innovative consumption solutions. A few New Zealand hamburger restaurants were very progressive with their presentation of the hamburger. Their way of increasing the ease of consumption and brand awareness inspired Nick to dive into the New Zealand disposable solutions.

Back home Nick started a research to the hamburger- and disposable trends within Europe. With the results and the right positive energy Nick has become the owner of the Intellectual Property of the  Hamburger Holder disposable designs within Europa.

Since then NIQ Supplies is the proud owner of the innovative New Zealand disposables. It is our mission to:

Provide our customers with smart, unique and innovative marketing tools. Our products need to be a marketing tool and tool to increase the ease of consumption for hard to handle dishes and snacks. We are doing that in a socially and environmentally conscious manner.

With our designs we can vary endlessly  increase the ease of consumption of e.g. hamburgers, donuts, bagels and many other dishes and snacks. With pleasure and inexhaustible energy we make our innovative disposables available for every Foodservice company and for all food lovers within Europe.

Read more about our story here

Becoming a partner of NIQ Supplies includes:

Co-operating with a strategic partner that contributes to Brand awareness,product positioning and the sustainability policy of our customer / Free product implementation support / Free delivery within Europe / The possibility to store the order for a maximum of six months for free / an automatic contribution to a greener world.

Sample package for testing our disposables.

Standard printed

  • Standard printed
  • Delivery within 1 week (depending on availability)
  • Free delivery within Europe & free product implementation support
  • Minimal 1x free planting of a tree for the conservation of forest. Incl. certificate.
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From 25.000 pieces

Personalized products with own logos

  • With own logos and messages printed
  • Delivery within 10-12 weeks
  • Free delivery within Europe & free product implementation support
  • Minimum 2x free planting of a tree for the conservation of forest. Incl. certificate.
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Who are we?

NIQ Supplies is a mix of young and energetic people who are always ready to help you increasing brand awareness with our innovative food disposables. Nice to know you!
Nick Polder

Nick Polder

Nick Polder - Founder

In September 2017 Nick started creating and delivering innovative food disposables. Since then, Nick is happy to help you answering your questions, having a good conversation or drinking a cup of coffee with you.

+31 (0) 646053037

Nikki op ten Berg

Nikki op ten Berg

Nikki op ten Berg - Ambassador & Design Specialist

Nikki is our specialist in designing and developing the right communication of our products. Also, Nikki designs all disposables with logos and messages for our customers.

Michael Press - Sales representative United Kingdom

Since March 2018, Michael is our sales representative & ambassador within the United Kingdom. Get in touch with him for more information and all the possibilities in the UK.


Nathan Raab
Nathan Raab - sales representative United Kingdom

Since July 2018 Nathan is, together with Michael, the sales representative for the United Kingdom. Nathan is looking forward providing you all the information and desired disposables.


Nice to know you!

Curious what we can do for your business? We are happy to meet you and sharing our expertise!

Where to find us

We love to work on a flexibel way. Meet us at a nice restaurant, bar or quite place anywhere in the Netherlands. Ofcourse, we are also happy to meet you in your office.

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NIQ Supplies - Info@niqsupplies.com

For more information and enquiries in the United Kingdom please contact:

Michael Press  - michael@niqsupplies.com

Nathan Raab - nathan@niqsupplies.com

For all general information and enquiries within Europe please contact: 

Nick Polder - nick@niqsupplies.com - +31 6 46053037

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