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During a world trip, our founder Nick Polder met a lot of new inspiring people. Also he came across some great new ideas. One of these precious moments took place in New Zealand. Besides the New Zealand beautiful nature and high mountains, this country has a tasteful fastfood kitchen. Hamburger restaurants like Ferg Burger & Velvet Burger are chosen by many locals as their favorite lunch and dining spots.

Some of these hamburger restaurants turned out to be very progressive in food disposables. Most of all, with this unique patented food disposable spilling and mess while eating a hamburger was history.

The hamburger trends in Europe

This innovative New-Zealand way of brand awareness and marketing effort inspired Nick to bring this innovative disposable to Europe. As a result, Nick investigated the hamburger trends in Europe and could conclude one thing; This innovative food disposable should be available for all hamburger lovers in Europe.

Our mission

Since then, NIQ Supplies has been managing, producing and delivering the patent of the Hamburger Holder in Europe. In addition to the marketing of this innovative packaging in Europe, it is NIQ Supplies mission to:

Providing all customers with smart, unique & innovative marketing tools. We are doing that with a socially and environmentally conscious manner. NIQ Supplies wants to increase the convenience of hard to handle dishes and snacks for consumers in Europe.

From Hamburger Holder to Grab a Bite

After testing of the designs, NIQ Supplies came to the conclusion many different dishes and snacks that can be consumed with the current design. As a result, NIQ Supplies decided to change the product name for the European market. As the designs can be used to consume in example hamburgers, donuts, bagels and pita’s, the name of the disposable has been changed to Grab a Bite. The products of NIQ Supplies are developed to fit many snacks and dishes like hamburgers, donuts and bagels. Therefore a few sub-names are conceived to differentiate the dishes; Grab a Burger, Grab a Donut, Grab a Bagel.

NIQ Supplies as a strategic partner

New innovations start with thinking differently, thinking together and thinking easy.  NIQ Supplies is mastering all three of these skills.

Are the current Grab a Bite sizes not suitable for your products? NIQ Supplies has an own creative team that is always having the greatest ideas. This team has the mission to develop new innovative disposable solutions fitting any product. Our team is happy to think along with business cases to help the customer providing new innovative food disposables.

NIQ Supplies is also a strategic partner that contributes to brand awareness, product positioning and the sustainability policy of the customer.

Curious what we can do for your business? We are happy to help you & feel free to contact us!  


We are the strategic partner by offering our customers the opportunity to personalize the products with the desired messages and logos. – NIQ Supplies